• Air brake system using exhaust gas
  • Automatic tire inflation system
  • Cfd analysis of flow inside combustion chamber
  • Dynamic analysis of tyre.
  • Voice operated fire extinguisher vehicles with water jet spray
  • Vehicle anti collision using ultrasonic signals
  • Location based vehicle speed controlling using rf
  • Automated vehicle safety system to avoid accidents
  • A can based distributed control system for autonomous all-terrain vehicle (atv).
  • Automatic vehicle emplacement system
  • Advanced vehicle control systems (avcs)
  • INtelligent car lighting system using ldr
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle cooperative communications
  • Toward the design of rural intelligent public transportation system rural public transportation of iran
  • Development of data acquisition system for remote monitoring through internet.
  • Highway cruise control using rf-id technology and can protocol with parental lock for automotive
  • Four wheel steering using gear and motor
  • Gear less power transmission system
  • Lpg kit design for two wheelers
  • Pedal assisted cycle/rickshaw
  • Electronic valve actuation in combustion engine
  • Automatic tyre pressure inflation system
  • Traction control system
  • Air engine
  • Two wheeler with propeller shaft
  • Automatic guided vehicles
  • mechanical four wheels steering
  • Automotive fuels & emission
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Engine over heat alarm


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