Following are the list of of topics on which we can provide you the dissertation. Kindly choose your preference and inform us accordingly.


 A Regression Approach to Speech Enhancement Based on Deep Neural Networks
 A Two-Layer Recurrent Neural Network for Nonsmooth Convex Optimization Problems
 An AdaBoost-Based Face Detection System Using Parallel Configurable Architecture With Optimized
 Computation
 An Enhanced Fuzzy Min–Max Neural Network for Pattern Classification
 Blood Vessel Segmentation of Fundus Images by Major Vessel Extraction and Subimage Classification
 Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Error Diffusion Block Truncation Coding Features
 EMR A Scalable Graph-based Ranking Model for Content-based Image Retrieval
 Ensemble of Adaptive Rule-Based Granular Neural Network Classifiers for Multispectral Remote Sensing
 Images

More Topics

 Exemplar-Based Inpainting Technical Review and New Heuristics for Better Geometric Reconstructions Face Spoof Detection With Image Distortion Analysis
 Learning Understandable Neural Networks With Nonnegative Weight Constraints
 Low-Complexity Features for JPEG Steganalysis Using Undecimated DCT Multitask Learning of Deep Neural Networks for Low-Resource Speech Recognition
 Multi-task Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
 Neural Network-Based Model Design for Short-Term Load Forecast in Distribution Systems Neural Network-Based Model Predictive Control: Fault Tolerance and Stability
 Query Specific Rank Fusion for Image Retrieval
 Real-World and Rapid Face Recognition Toward Pose and Expression Variations via Feature Library Matrix
 Self-Organizing Neural Networks Integrating Domain Knowledge and Reinforcement Learning
 State-Clustering Based Multiple Deep Neural Networks Modeling Approach for Speech Recognition


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