• Design Control Of DC/AC Converter For A Grid Connected PV Systems using Matlab/Simulink
  • MPPT of three Phase Grid Connected Invertor fully system in Matlab.
    Control Strategy Of Energy Flow In Hybrid Propulsion System With Super Capacitor in Matlab.
  • Solid State Stabilizer
  • Simulation And Analysis Of Performance Of A Pure Electric vehicle With A Super-Capacitor.
  • V\F Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor Using Space Vector Modulation Techniques.
  • Speed Control Of Open End Induction Motor in matlab.
  • Bldc Motor Control Techniques
  • Pmsm Motor Control Techniques
  • DSP-Based Design And Implementation Of A Smart elevator Door Motor Control System
  • Field Oriented Control Of PMSM Using SVPWM Technique
  • Impact of electrical vehicle on power distribution network
  • Single phase onboard electric vehicle charger
  • Design & Simulation Of Twelve Pulse Thyristorized Controllers In Series And Parallel Mode Of Operation
  • Super capacitor based battery life improvement in hybrid vehicle.
  • H Bridge Invertors design with various tech.
  • Power Factor Correction Using Capacitor Switching
  • Automatic 230 Ac Voltage Regulation Using Autotransformer
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