• Fatigue analysis and design optimization of excavator bucket
  • Thermal analysis of various duct cross sections
  • Coupled field analysis of a chimney used in cement industry
  • Modeling and analysis of single point cutting tool using fem method
  • Structural analysis of a flatbed
  • Stability analysis of ball bearing considering the effect of waviness in ball bearing assembly
  • Structural analysis of a refrigerator compressor crank shaft
  • Heat transfer in the cylinder head of a two-stroke engine
  • Chasis design for hcv
  • Design and analysis of rear wheel hub & steering knuckle
  • Design and dynamic analysis of a leaf spring
  • Design and simulation of a dth drill bit
  • Stress analysis on spur gear using ansys
  • Mini conveyor belt mechanism
  • Gearless transmission using elbow mechanism
  • Pulley based movable crane robot
  • Design and analysis of flywheel in petrol engine
  • Design analysis of casing engine
  • Shape optimization and dynamic analysis of mechanical loader arm
  • Stress analysis of functionally graded discs under mechanical and thermal loads
  • Designing of piston and analysis with different materials subjected to thermal analysis


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