The work of  mechanical engineers is extremely challenging and important. They are the only  ones who can take ideas and turn them into products that are available on the market. Mechanical engineers are mostly responsible for everything from safety equipment in cars to the design and development of medical devices, maintenance of airplanes, power plants, mobile devices, and more.

Mechanical engineering is a subject which focuses on the design, planning, and manufacturing of almost anything you can see, from parts and individual parts to gadgets and large machines or systems.

Being an engineer means applying the basic engineering principles and mechanical processes necessary to make the machines and equipment we use every day. Students learn concepts related to thermodynamics, heat transfer, quality control and product design. There are also courses on materials used in manufacturing processes. Practical learning mostly occurs through individual or team projects, which encourage students to apply their theoretical knowledge.

As a sub-discipline of engineering and technology, mechanical engineering as well as other branches  require advanced knowledge in mathematics, physics, problem-solving skills (combined with creativity) and the ability to prioritize work under pressure.

Students of mechanical engineering can pursue promising careers in any field of the engineering industry. In addition to automobiles, today’s mechanical engineers can work in aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and energy engineering.

Mechanical Thesis Topics
  • Investigations on sliding contact characteristics of frp composite bearings
  • Cavitation in the cooling fluid of an ic diesel engine due to forces generated in a piston-cylinder assembly
  • Thermal analysis of coolant plumbing pipe
  • Stability analysis of ball bearing considering the effect of waviness in ball bearing assembly synopsis
  • Design and fabrication of paddy cleaner
  • Design and analysis of miniature positive displacement pump
  • Structural analysis of a flatbed
  • Design /analysis of machine tool elements using unigraphics/ansys
  • Design and fabrication of areca nut processing unit
  • Optimization of the jig design
  • Optimization of biogas generation from household waste
  • Mechanical and thermal buckling of thin films
  • Modal analysis of valve plates and compare the results between the two valve plates.
  • Heat transfer in the cylinder head of a two-stroke engine
  • Solar powered hybrid multi-mode water wheeler
  • Design and fabrication of neem seed de-pulping machine
  • Hybrid biomass briquette machine
  • Design and fabrication of multipurpose agricultural equipment
  • Yarn breakage monitor
  • Over speed indication and automatic accident avoiding system for four wheeler
  1. Abstract 1 – Bending moment & shear force analysis of steel girder (I-Section, channel section, T-Section, angle section) using a wheel of heavy load acting on it.
  2. Abstract-2 Tensile strength testing of a steel bar with variation in carbon content and find the maximum bearing stress value of carbon content
  3. Abstract -3 Temperature analysis of a structural flat using ansys and find the location of max temperature stress.
  4. Abstract 4 Determination the forces in a truss (steel) system using ansys for dead load, live load, temperature load and earth quack load
  5. Abstract – 5  Parametric study of steel section structurt for dynamic loading, optimized the material using ansys.

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