Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism, is a serious offence that may lead to rejection of your thesis, rework of entire thesis. Different researchers and professionals are well known to plagiarism but feel helpless to remove plagiarism. We at CSI Project provide the plagiarism checking services for the masters, Ph.D. thesis, and papers. We also provide plagiarism removal services in the thesis and papers. For the plagiarism checking, we use the “TurnitinTool”.  Turnitin detects plagiarism from the billions of internet pages, research papers, articles and academic databases. Plagiarism free Thesis writing and editing services are also offered.

We at CSI Projects have more than 50 skilled professional to remove plagiarism manually. Our team of professional reduce the plagiarism less than 5 percentage.  We promise our esteemed scholar to

  • On time Delivery
  • Plagiarism less than 5 percentage
  • Error free (with grammatical correction)
  • Without reduction in word count and context
  • Plagiarism report and certificate
  • Guidance of experts
  • Referencing and formatting as per the guidelines.

Avail CSI Project team offers plagiarism correction services for professionals and researches. We add the value to research article or thesis. So our personalised plagiarism correction services ensure that your PhD thesis, Masters Dissertation and Journal article is corrected for plagiarism without reducing the count / page count of terms, cross-checked, cited and correctly formatted with internal tables / figures.

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