Structural Engineering

 Seismic analysis of a multi story structure for different location of damper and find best location of damper for time history analysis using E-tab.

Parametric study of a multi storey building for response spectrum analysis having different cross section using, sap 2000 for dead load and seismic load

Analysis of multistory building with different location of shear wall and select best location of shear wall using E-TAB.

Comparison of seismic analysis of multistory building with different aspect of response spectrum and time history analysis using structural analysis software.

Analysis of metro bridge with different cross section and choose the optimum one using sap 2000.

Analysis of a 2d frame with removable of one member, two member , reduce stiffness of one or two member using csi software.

Steel beam girder analysis for wind and seismic load with different cross section.

Analysis with change in cross-section in of 3d truss and find best shape having very less moment and deflection using SAP 2000.

Parametric Study of Location of Sheer Wall in a 5-Storey Building For Earthquake Load using SAP-2000.

Analysis of a Water Tank With Different Location Of Damper In Bracing using sap 2000 for dead load and earthquake load.

Comparison of Circular, Rectangular and square water tank for Water Load and Earthquake Load in Seismic Zone 5 Using IS 1893: 20000

Parametric Study of Opening in Shear Wall with Rectangular, Square Opening of Same Area and comparison is made between shear force and bending moment.

Time History Non Linear Analysis of Commercial Building in Different Zone and Comparison of These Results.

Analysis of Steel Bridge Cross Over a River For Different Steel section And Choose Best Section of These For Dead load and Seismic load of Response Spectrum.  

Parametric study of Hollow Concrete Beam Section With Same Perimeter and Draw Graph Between shear Force moment and deflection For Beam and Column.

Time History Non Linear analysis of a Hollow Double deck Fly over For a Long Span Highway Bridge And Comparison of made Between These.

Reduce The Defection of a Beam And Column With Different Location of Damper for Response Spectrum Analysis of a 2d Frame.

Composite Beam Analysis of a Multistory 2-d Frame Building With Insert Different Steel Section for Seismic Analysis As Per IS 1893.

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