Wireless sensor network is a current trend that is also used to control and monitor the physical environment using sensor nodes. It is also primarily used to monitor temperature, pressure, and other physical environment features that make it used in military surveillance and many other control systems.
A research problem can also range from lower level problems such as the characteristics and design of the communication protocol to higher level problems related to programming platforms and software implementation of WSNs. Students can prefer any area, but the only thing they need to consider is choosing the algorithm for the best result. There must also be thorough knowledge of algorithms and tools that we also have below our service for human extension

Key research includes energy optimization, including cluster improvement, delivery techniques, multimedia WSN, including VANET, improvement of the LEACH protocol, etc. Other PHD RESEARCH TOPICS IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS can also be based on the anatomy of WSN nodes and floating sensor networks.

Emerging Topics for Research for WSN 

List Of Topics

• broadband wireless communications
• coding theory and system optimization
• low-power cognitive radio SOC system
• green wireless networking
• space-time coding and also processing
• smart antennas
• OFDM, FMT and other multi-carrier systems
• CDMA, TDMA, FDMA, OFDMA and also other air interfaces
• Advanced equalization also for single-carrier systems
• Wireless multicasting
• detection and estimation
• Cross-layer design
• Security problems in connection with wireless communication
• Localization technologies
• Cooperative and also relay-based communication
• Wireless test benches
• Modeling and measurements
• Wireless network

More Topics

coding Hybrid wireless communication systems
• Wireless broadband wireless access technologies
• cellular systems
• channels field tests
• remote cells wireless LANs and PANs
• Bod y Area Networks (BAN) and their applications
• Millimeter wave radio systems wireless systems
• RFID and also its applications
• DVB and DAB technologies
• Standards for allocation of radio resources and interference management
• Fixed wireless broadband access systems
• Spectrum and problems with efficiency wireless multimedia and QoS
• Ultra – Broadband communication (UWB)
• integration of between satellite and terrestrial wireless networks

Some More Topics

  • Leach Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network
  • A Lightweight Secure Scheme for Detecting Provenance Forgery and Packet Drop Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Deterministic Energy-efficient Clustering Protocol for WSN.
  • Intelligent Hierarchical Cluster Based Routing – Hcr
    A Wireless Sensor Network Dv-Hop Localization Algorithm
  • Fault Node Recovery Algorithm for a Wireless Sensor Network
  • An Improved Dv-Hop Localization Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Network
  • A new evolutionary based routing protocol for clustered heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
  • LDTS: A Lightweight and Dependable Trust System for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
  • A Stable Election Protocol for clustered heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
  • Genetic Algorithm For Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Network
    “Efficient Sensor Node Authentication in Wireless Integrated Sensor Networks Using Virtual Certificate Authority”
  • An optimal algorithm (dijkstra) to find the degree of connectedness in an undirected edge-weighted graph in WSN

More Topics

  • Cluster-Based Multi-Channel System For Improving Performance Of Large-Scale Wireless Multi-Sink Sensor Networks
  • Evaluation of the potential for energy saving in macrocell and femtocell networks using a different heuristic
  • Scheduling in Multihop Wireless Networks Without Per-Flow Information
  • Modulation Schemes In Digital Communication
    Blood Cancer Detection By Forming Data Base
  • Combining
  • Cryptographic
  • Primitives to Prevent Jamming Attacks in Wireless Networks
  • DFIG-Based Wind Power Conversion With Grid Power
  • Leveling For Reduced Gusts
  • Adaptive and Secure Load-Balancing Routing Protocol for Service-Oriented Wireless Sensor Networks

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