Computer Science

After completing the Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, 7 in 10 students choose MTech in Computer Science each year. So if you are doing in computer science, it becomes very clear that you need to finish your  in computer science. If we are talking specifically about thesis work in computer science, there can be the following areas: students can choose for their thesis. Networking, digital image processing, data mining, software computing, grid computing, parallel computing, operating systems and data structures.

Above the fields are trending fields that motivate students to select them as the subject of their masters work in Computer Science or CSE. A student should always choose a unique and new topic. Computer science students usually choose the following tools like MATLAB, NS2, NS3, Cloud Sim for their work in CSE. M Tech IT projects with source code are carried out by the students. Big Data projects are available for MTech students.

When implementing, the student should take into account that the coding should be clear and the results should be analyzed using appropriate diagrams. Some students also deal with image processing as a subject of their work in computer science. Big Data MTech projects are also very popular. M Tech artificial intelligence projects with advanced tools are now used.

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