WSN Projects

List of project topic related to communication/wireless sensor network

Leach Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network
A Lightweight Secure Scheme for Detecting Provenance Forgery and Packet Drop Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks
A Deterministic Energy-efficient Clustering Protocol for WSN.
Intelligent Hierarchical Cluster Based Routing – Hcr
A Wireless Sensor Network Dv-Hop Localization Algorithm
Fault Node Recovery Algorithm for a Wireless Sensor Network
An Improved Dv-Hop Localization Algorithm For Wireless Sensor Network
A new evolutionary based routing protocol for clustered heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
LDTS: A Lightweight and Dependable Trust System for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
A Stable Election Protocol for clustered heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
Genetic Algorithm For Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Network
“Efficient Sensor Node Authentication in Wireless Integrated Sensor Networks Using Virtual Certificate Authority”
An optimal algorithm (dijkstra) to find the degree of connectedness in an undirected edge-weighted graph in WSN
Cluster-Based Multi-Channel System For Improving Performance Of Large-Scale Wireless Multi-Sink Sensor Networks
Evaluation of the potential for energy saving in macrocell and femtocell networks using a different heuristic
Throughput-Optimal Scheduling in Multihop Wireless Networks Without Per-Flow Information
BPSK/MPSK/QAM/Compressive Modulation Schemes In Digital Communication
Blood Cancer Detection By Forming Data Base
Combining Cryptographic Primitives to Prevent Jamming Attacks in Wireless Networks
DFIG-Based Wind Power Conversion With Grid Power Leveling For Reduced Gusts
Adaptive and Secure Load-Balancing Routing Protocol for Service-Oriented Wireless Sensor Networks
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